The 16th Annual TCOM Conference, A TCOM Cloud Gathering. Meeting Each Other Where We Are: Collaboration in a COVID-19 World has officially ended. We hope you were able to learn and grow from this year’s sessions; the TCOM Team feels grateful that we had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with each of you.

If you attended this year’s TCOM Conference, you will still be able to go through the presentation materials and recordings in the Socio App.

As a thank you for attending the TCOM 2020 Cloud Gathering, we will be sending each of you a Swag Pack in December 2020. To get a sneak peak of what you will be receiving, click on this link: Swag Pack for TCOM 2020 Conference: Virtual Cloud Gathering

We feel so fortunate that you helped make this year’s conference the success that it was, and we hope you can join us at our home base for next year’s conference in Lexington, Kentucky, October 6 – 8, 2021.

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