By: Lynn Steiner, MSW, Center for Innovation in Population Health

Calling all writers! Would you like to receive a discount to the TCOM Conference in 2022 in New Orleans? Would you like to win recognition and prizes? Then read on!

People and society constantly learn and grow, and sometimes our ideas and strategies become outdated or incomplete and we need to update them. As a result, we need to also update our training materials. Training vignettes are a piece of this. We are constantly adding (and sometimes removing, sometimes revising) vignettes but we are always in need of fresh vignettes and there are also gaps in certain areas that we want to reduce.

To that end, we are announcing a vignette-a-thon, an event to allow us to expand our pool of potential vignettes in areas where they are most needed. Submit a vignette that meets the following criteria (per our review), and you’ll receive a discount on next year’s conference registration. Virtually attend the Conference this year and you’ll receive prizes for submissions during our social hour.

[Note: By submitting your vignette to us, you give Praed permission to revise and/or use this vignette in training and it becomes the property of Praed.]

Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Review the criteria below.
Criterion: pick (at least) one per row
Age0 thru 518 thru 21Dependent adult with caregiver65+Family: at least one caregiver and one child
NeedsDevelopmental, medical and/or cognitiveComplex needs: developmental or cognitive + mental healthComplex needs: medical + mental healthComplex needs: trauma + medical + mental healthSubstantial actionable needs but also usable strengths.
CharacteristicsNon-traditional family structure: multigenerational; same-sex parents; single fatherMulti-racial/ethnic familyRural locationIncludes response post natural disaster, war/terrorism trauma, and/or current event but generalized (e.g., immigration-focused like a child separated from parent at border, or COVID-like virus).Integration of culture (including Native American), gender identity (including transgender) or sexual identity throughout the vignette.
Criteria for the 2021 Vignette-a-thon

2. Pick at least one criterion from each row and create your vignette. Good vignettes include both NEEDS and USABLE STRENGTHS (0, 1) to be scored, and are 1 to 1.5 pages long.

3. Score your vignette for the version of the assessment tool that you are using (make it clear what version that is) and include rationales for all of your ratings.

4. Submit your vignette, ratings and rationales to with an email titled “Vignette-A-Thon Submission” by September 13, 2021. If you meet the criteria, you will receive a 50% discount* for the 2022 New Orleans TCOM Conference and be entered into a giveaway*!

5. Attend the 2021 Virtual TCOM Conference.

For questions about vignettes generally, or how to craft a good one, please contact Lynn Steiner at

Prizes for the 2021 Pre-Conference Vignette-A-Thon:

* The discount and free pass do not include travel, lodging, or food. 3 winners will also be selected for the giveaway during the 2021 Virtual TCOM Conference, and must attend the 2021 Virtual TCOM Conference to receive a prize.

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