During the TCOM 2020 Virtual Cloud Gathering Conference, Community Data Roundtable (CDR) hosted a conference-wide virtual scavenger hunt for all of our attendees.

This scavenger hunt highlighted all the “nuggets” one “mines” at the TCOM conference. These “nuggets” were featured within every presentation as little Minecraft style blocks.

The attendees were able to win points by finding these nuggets, as well as receive extra points for engagement in the Virtual Café. At the end of the conference, the attendee with the most points won a gift basket with gift cards, a fancy-coffee kit, and even a copy of John Lyons’  Communimetrics.

We would like to congratulate our scavenger hunt winner from this year’s conference, Lydia Shaw!

Community Data Roundtable put together a video highlighting Lydia receiving her prize, and features CDR, members of the TCOM Team, and Dr. John Lyons awarding this year’s winner via Zoom.

To see the video that Community Data Roundtable put together, please click the link below:

Thank you to all who played and participated in this year’s TCOM Cloud conference. 

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  1. Congratulations Lydia on a game well played, and thank you Community Data Roundtable for using gaming to educate us on TCOM!

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