As a part of our quarterly blog series, International Implementation, we would like to highlight Italy’s 5th TCOM Conference.

Since 2017, our partners in Italy have hosted a conference dedicated to the CANS and TCOM. This year’s conference, titled, “CANS tools to learn about users’ clinical histories and their transformations over time: collaboration and outcome assessment“, will be May 27 – 28, 2021.

The experience of the pandemic has once again highlighted the crucial importance of promoting the neuropsychic health of children and adolescents and the articulated problems it presents. In a context accompanied by the dizzying growth of complex neuropsychic needs, the increase in demand and user access, and a dispersed, uneven and resource-based system that was already largely insufficient before the impact of the pandemic, the promotion of collaborative practices oriented towards user transformations and outcome assessment becomes a crucial and innovative perspective to face future challenges.

During the conference, the implementation of CANS tools in Italy and in the United States will be presented, for the promotion of collaborative practices oriented to outcome evaluation. In the US, about 80% of children and adolescents in care of mental health services receive an assessment through CANS. In Italy, there are about 1000 trained operators, 80 agencies involved, 7 interinstitutional research projects, and others still in the planning phase. During the training days, reflections will be presented starting from clinical research conducted with the use of the instruments of the CANS family, and the operators will be confronted with the usefulness, strengths and limits and possible future developments of this innovative approach. The course is free and will take place online. ECM accreditation is expected.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tools of the CANS family in the Italian experience, check out this book written by Stefano Benzoni, Maria Antonella Costantino, and John S. Lyons: Participation and outcome assessment in developmental mental health

Participation and outcome assessment in developmental mental health John S. Lyons - Erickson

Registration for the 5th Italy TCOM Conference has closed.

This information was provided by the TCOM Italia Conference website:

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