Introducing the
TCOM Instagram Page!

What is TCOM, and what does it seek to accomplish?

Our effort at the Center for Innovation in population Health, is to give voice to the least privileged people in the world so that they have full voice in their care so we can help them to change their lives. The mission is to engineer person-centered care to make people who receive help full-partners in their care. 

We use a theory called transformational collaborative outcomes management (TCOM), focused is on personal change – not on service delivery or access to care – focus on change of the impact of our work, and focus on using collaboration as a way of managing complexity. 

You may be aware that the TCOM team has a social media presence on several platforms. To better support the community at large and to meet growing need for accessible information, we have created an Instagram (IG) page to further connect you all. Our IG handle is @TCOMchannel

 Follow us on Instagram  to stay updated on our latest news, events, and other content! Don’t forget to like and comment on our posts to show your support. 

So please do connect with us on Instagram, and lets help your community grow stronger. 


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