Story Board

For a printable full size version of this visualization click: Story Board. Question/Description The Story Board visualization show change over time for a single individual. It can answer the following questions. What are the current background needs, actionable needs, and strengths for an individual? What needs have changed over time? What strengths have changed over time? Have the strategies/interventions in place worked? What strategies/interventions should be put in place to address current needs and incorporate and/or develop current strengths? Context of Use AudienceThis visualization generally appeals to an individual clinician. It is… Read More

Average Impact

Question/Description The Average Impact visualization provides an overall picture of need reduction over time. It can answer the following questions: What is the difference between the average number of actionable items at Initial compared to Ever and Last? What is the total need reduction form the maximum about of need (Ever) and Last? Context of Use AudienceThis visualization generally appeals to those seeking a blunt high level measure of system performance. It can be used to communicate system level performance to leadership/administration or community constituents. PhaseSince this visualization is a retrospective look… Read More