IMDS Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2016

TCOMHappy Holidays from New Jersey! written by: Kenneth McGill The ‘Holiday Season’ is well in progress and the wrap-up of 2016 is near!  Looking back…what are some of the highlights you want to remember…are there things you would like to soon forget…what do you have planned for the New Year? Well enough introspection. My hope and wishes to you all are for a truly relaxing enjoyable time of year. So while you are writing down your ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ you can also take time to enjoy the IMDS Winter 2016 Newsletter! These past few… Read More

The Role of the CANS in Reducing Residential Treatment Placement and Length of Stay in New Jersey

One of the more compelling stories from the 12th annual TCOM Conference was the KEYNOTE provided by Liz Manley, the Assistant Commissioner of New Jersey’s System of Care.  Having been involved with this project since its inception more than a decade ago, Liz provided both a personal description and a description based on the data collected,  of the role of the CANS and TCOM in New Jersey. Since 2008 when full statewide implementation of the system of care was completed, the number of children and families served in case management programs in New Jersey has… Read More

Wrapping Up: 2016 TCOM Conference

This year’s TCOM Conference was a success! We had a record number of presentations,  36 States in the USA, and 4 different countries represented. Every presentation was well attended and we are happy to say that there was something for everyone at every session 🙂 Some of those topics included the CANS, FAST, ANSA, CAT, Communimetrics, Data Use, Wrap Around, Learning Collaboratives, Certification, and more! To pedal backwards a bit, this conference used to be called the CANS Conference. The shift of CANS to TCOM is an important distinction to make as the number… Read More

Speaker Spotlight-Dr. John S. Lyons

If you have stumbled upon this blog or are reading it for the first time, I’m sure you all know who Dr. John Lyons is. Although he is not leading one particular workshop, Dr Lyons will be present during the conference to say hello and answer any questions you might have. If you see him, do say hello! Dr. John S. Lyons, PhD and MA in Clinical Psychology and Methods and Measurement Senior Policy Fellow at Chapin Hall Founder of the Praed Foundation John Lyons is a Senior Policy Fellow at Chapin Hall…. Read More

Speaker Spotlight-Nathaniel Israel and Mark Lardner

Nathaniel Israel, PhD and MA in Clinical/Community Psychology Policy Fellow at Chapin Hall Nathaniel Israel is a Policy Fellow at Chapin Hall. Based in San Francisco, Dr. Israel facilitates the further uptake and full implementation of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) on the West coast. He is currently working with Washington State on their implementations both in mental health and child welfare. Prior to coming to Chapin Hall, Dr. Israel was the Director of the Evidence-based Training Academy for San Francisco County’s Department… Read More

Speaker Spotlight-Nicholas Mader, Jennifer O’Brien, Richard Epstein

Nicholas Mader, PhD Senior Researcher at Chapin Hall Nicholas Mader is a Senior Researcher at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. His work focuses on improving outcomes for at-risk youth by guiding policy development and evaluating youth service programs in partnership with city agencies and non-profit providers. His methodological interests are in using rigorous quantitative methods applied to administrative data sets—the same data used by policy makers—that are augmented with data from other agencies, and data actively collected for applied questions. At Chapin Hall, this work focuses on merging student educational performance… Read More

Speaker Spotlight-April Fernando & Suzanne Button

  By now you should all know what TCOM is. If not, Check out one of the many posts under the category, What is TCOM! With the first day of the conference less than a week away, let’s introduce you to the TCOM team lead here at Chapin Hall and Policy Fellow based out of New York. They will even be conducting a workshop together at the Conference! You don’t want to miss them April Fernando, MA and PhD Policy Fellow at Chapin Hall Child & Adolescent Psychologist April D. Fernando is… Read More

TCOM Conference Day 1-The First Workshop!

The first day of the conference is exactly one week from today! Here is everything you need to know when you get there: Registration begins at 10am at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, do so ASAP so we can get you signed up for each topical info session. Somce of the sessions require advance sign-ups (which can be completed from your initial registration). Forgot to register in advance for some workshops?  Contact Adriel Jones at for any questions about the conference, how… Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Alessandro Chinello & Francoise Peronace

TCOM and the CANS not only is used all over the United States, but there are many countries that have worked with Dr. John Lyons in adapting the TCOM tools to meet their needs. This year at the TCOM Conference, we have the unique opportunity to hear from our colleagues in Italy on how the CANS and CAT have been adapted for their use. Here are a couple of names to know: Dr. Alessandro Chinello, PhD Research Project Manager, Psychologist in Cognitive Neuroscience CANS Project Coordinator at (IRCCS) Ca’ Granda Foundation Maggiore… Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Betty Walton & Wendy Harrold

  This year, we have a record number of presenters at this conference. This opens up the door for a wide array of topics. We are lucky to have such great partners with a wealth of experience to share. The following two speakers will lead a breakout session entitled “Possible Roles of TCOM in Helping to Address Disparities.” This breakout session addresses the disparities that exist in accessing appropriate services. While America is rapidly becoming more diverse, the human service workforce is slower to change. Can TCOM strategies be leveraged to more… Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Elizabeth Manley and David Channer

The TCOM conference seems like it is just around the corner (November 16-18)! The conference is 3 days, and all participants have the option to attend all 3 days or register for just one day. We encourage attendance at all 3 days of the conference, but if you can only go for 1, then take a look at the agenda to see which days will be the most beneficial to you and your practice! Thursday (November 17) will begin with an opening plenary. The morning’s plenary will start with a lovely continental breakfast and end… Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Kenneth McGill and Dan Warner

With the 2016 TCOM Conference a month away we want to highlight some of our fantastic speakers and presenters to give you a glimpse of what to expect for the conference. Each presenter at the conference has been an integral part in successful implementations of the TCOM framework and a trusted partner in practice.   Kenneth McGill, EdS LMFT Senior Training & Consultation Specialist, Children’s System of Care Training Program Rutgers-UBHC Behavioral Research and Training Institute Kenneth McGill is the statewide trainer on all of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tools… Read More

What to Expect from TCOM2016

ATTN: T-30 days until the 2016 TCOM Conference! For those of you who have yet to register for the TCOM Conference, Register here. The TCOM Conference is a 3 day conference full of great speakers and a variety of sessions presented by members of the TCOM Team and our partners around the world. Not sure if you want to attend? View the agenda to find out who is speaking and plan your own conference calendar. This years conference will be held in Princeton, NJ. Just a short train ride from NYC. The Westin Princeton… Read More

Conference Sponsors 2016

We have a great team here at the Praed Foundation and Chapin Hall, but we can’t forget our fantastic partners and sponsors! Thank you for all of the great work you do and your on-going support of the TCOM practice. TCOM 2016 Conference Partner: TCOM 2016 Conference Sponsors:   Want to get involved in the conference? Contact Adriel Jones Register for the Conference here.

The Impact of Identity: The New Jersey Story

Today the New Jersey Department of Children and Families are hosting their annual conference. This conference includes opening remarks from Allison Blake, Commissioner of NJ Department of Children & Families, Elizabeth Manley, NJ DCF Assistnat Commissioner Children’s System of Care, Andrew Solomon,  author and professor at Columbia University Medical Center, and many more workshop presenters. The focus of this years conference is to learn and discuss current trends in serving children and adolescents. Todays conference will feature their growth over the years and highlight all of the great work and collaboration done. Thank… Read More

12th Annual TCOM Conference

The 12th Annual TCOM Conference is coming up soon Register now  and join the TCOM Team at Princeton, New Jersey! For questions in registering for the event, contact: Adriel Jones, MA, CMP Event Planner 530-237-4350 (voicemail) View/Download our Conference Agenda: tcom_2016-agenda


***11/18/2016 UPDATE*** Currently at Closing Plenary in Princeton, NJ for the 2016 TCOM Conference. Below you will see our updated CANS Core Items available. If you have any additional questions on how to implement the CORE items to your own agency/jurisdiction/state, contact April Fernando at cans-6-17-core-50-2016 Every agency, jurisdiction, and, most importantly, child, is unique. This is why the CANS is adapted to meet the needs of your region. With that being said, the Communimetric approach to measurement is modular and contextual. All items are developed based on their usefulness and… Read More