Chapin Hall at the 2018 Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Conference

By: Matt Brenner, Editor and Information Specialist
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

More than a dozen Chapin Hall staff members will contribute to presentations at the 2018 annual Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) conference. The conference, “Achieving Equal Opportunity, Equity, and Justice,” features more than 500 symposia, workshops, roundtables, and paper and poster presentations and will be held January 10-14 in Washington, DC. Information about all presentations can be found in the conference program.

The Voices of Youth Count project will be the focus of one symposium. Research Fellow Amy Dworsky organized the symposium, which presents four papers highlighting findings from a different VoYC component. (For all papers and presentations, names in bold indicate a presenting author.)

  • Characteristics and experiences of homeless and unstably housed youth in 22 counties: Common themes and local variation — Amy Dworsky, Research Fellow; Molly Mayer, Associate Researcher; Elissa Gitlow, Researcher; Matthew Morton, Research Fellow; and Jennifer Matjasko, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Services for runaway and homeless youth in 22 counties: Programs, provider types and gaps in provision — Colleen Schlecht, Researcher and Amy Dworsky, Research Fellow.
  • Critical conditions and tipping points into couch surfing — Susanna Curry, Richman Postdoctoral Fellow and Gina Samuels, School of Social Service Administration.
  • National prevalence and incidence estimates of youth homelessness — Matthew Morton, Research Fellow; Amy Dworsky, Research Fellow; David Schlueter; Susanna Curry, Richman Postdoctoral Fellow; and Jennifer Matjasko, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Chapin Hall staff will also participate in additional workshops and sessions. Titles of these workshops are below; names in bold indicate a presenting author.

  • Differential impact of wraparound facilitation best practices on youth outcomes: A latent class analysis — Kaela Byers, Researcher.
  • Early pregnancy and parenting among foster youth: A national discussion to inform research, practice, and policy — Amy Dworsky, Research Fellow.
  • Examining equitable decision-making in child welfare: Child vulnerability and family protective factors as predictors of risk assessment — Bridgette Lery, Researcher.
  • It’s about time: Exploring the relationship between time use and outcomes for children and families — Sara Feldman, Senior Researcher; Kerry Price, Researcher; Fred Wulczyn, Senior Research Fellow; Lisa Holmes, University of Loughborough.
  • Opening the black box: Ethically responsible use of big data — Brian Chor, Senior Researcher and Dana Weiner, Policy Fellow.
  • Research on states’ child and family welfare policies and services: Universities’ partnerships with state agencies — Fred Wulczyn, Senior Research Fellow.
  • Screening for early identification of toxic stress among young children: Validation of the Household Strength and Strain Inventory — Kaela Byers, Researcher.

SSWR is dedicated to the advancement of social work research. It works collaboratively with other organizations to improve support for research among social workers.

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