Guiding Values and Core Principles

Below you will see our GUIDING VALUES and CORE PRINCIPLES. None of this information is new, but we continually strive to make the work we do, work for you.


  1. Human serving systems and enterprises have a primary mandate of facilitating and supporting personal change (transformation).
  2. Human serving systems and enterprises are inherently complex as a result of the number of humans involved. This diversity of aims and perspectives can only be managed through meaningful integration. Integration among people is best managed through collaborative processes.
  3. All partners in human serving systems and enterprises have the responsibility for collecting, managing, and using accurate, relevant, and respectful information about the people served.


  1. All assessments and interventions should be culturally responsive and respectful.
  2. People should have voice and choice with regard to participating in any assessments and interventions.
  3. All interventions should be personalized, respectful and have demonstrable value to the people they serve.
  4. Collaborative processes, inclusive of children and families, should be used for all decisions at all levels of the system.
  5. Consensus on action is the primary outcome of collaborative processes.
  6. Information about the people served and their personal change should always inform decision making at all levels of the system.

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