Speaker Spotlight: Elizabeth Manley and David Channer

The TCOM conference seems like it is just around the corner (November 16-18)! The conference is 3 days, and all participants have the option to attend all 3 days or register for just one day. We encourage attendance at all 3 days of the conference, but if you can only go for 1, then take a look at the agenda to see which days will be the most beneficial to you and your practice!

Thursday (November 17) will begin with an opening plenary. The morning’s plenary will start with a lovely continental breakfast and end with a celebration lunch!

now that the question of food has been addressed…

There will be a welcome address by April Fernando followed by 4 additional presentations. We wanted to highlight a couple of Thursday’s speakers:

Elizabeth Manley, LSW

Assistant Commissioner/Director, Children’s System of Care

Rutgers-UBHC Behavioral Research and Training Institute

Elizabeth Manley, LSW is the Director for the Children’s System of Care (New Jersey).  In this capacity Ms. Manley has direct oversight of the statewide child behavioral health, substance abuse and development/intellectual disabilities systems. This includes a wide range of community-based services, inpatient units and residential treatment centers.

Prior to joining the Department of Children and Families, Elizabeth was the CEO of Caring Partners of Morris/Sussex, Inc., a Care Management Organization (CMO) specializing in working with youth with complex behavioral health challenges.  Prior to this position, she worked for Capitol County Children’s Collaboration, the Mercer County CMO, as the Director of Operations, since it’s inception in 2002.  She came to that position after spending 15 years at SERV Behavioral Health, in various positions including the Director of Children’s Services.

Ms. Manley earned a B.S. in Health Education from William Paterson University and an M.S.W. from Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

  • Thursday, November 17 at 9:00am-Transforming Children’s Behavioral Health: The New Jersey Experience

David Channer, LCSW

Chief Program Officer, A Better Way

David Channer is Chief Program Officer at A Better Way, a San Francisco Bay Area agency serving children and families in – or at risk of entering – the child welfare system. David  has worked with and on behalf of this population for over 20 years, but his roots and influences in the work go back further than that. David’s undergraduate studies in Biological ecosystems and co-evolution continue to influence his perspectives on human perception, communication, collaboration, and organizational systems. His great interest in human resiliency, grass-roots empowerment and strengths-based care are further influenced by the buffering effect that “community” had during his own childhood experiences of chronic poverty and homelessness. David has provided introductory, certification, and implementation trainings to hundreds of practitioners. He takes great delight in helping teams develop the knowledge, tools and systems that enable them to manage and embrace the complexities of collaborative, evidence-based and accountable family-driven care.

He is member of the Alameda County CANS Provider Collaborative – a five-agency group working through a subcontract with the Praed Foundation.  The Collaborative serves in a supportive and advisory capacity to assist Alameda County (California) with its system-wide CANS implementation

  • Wednesday, November 16 at 1:00pm-Learning Collaboratives with Suzanne Button
  • Thursday, November 17 at 9:00am-Cohesion, Conflict, Communication, and Consilience
  • Thursday, November 17 at 2:25pm-Trials and Tribulations: Guidance and Concrete Tools to Assist in TCOM Implemenation with Jennifer Cardenas, Jennifer Leland, Cinthya Chiin [Should there be two i’s here?] Herrera, and Erin Rosenblatt

Additional Speakers for Thursday’s Opening Plenary Includes:

  • Katharan Cordell-“Assessment to Identify Patters and Priorities of Need within a Service Population”
  • Margaret Blaustein-“Fostering Resilience in Trauma-Impacted Youth and Systems: The Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) Treatment Framework”

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