Supervisor Training-April in Arlington, WA

From Yakima to Spokane to Arlington,  April continues her Washington adventure with another stop in Arlington, WA.


April is conducting treatment planning and supervisor trainings to another great group at the WA State Department of Social and Health Services. The team here is using the CANS to support families and children involved in the child welfare system in WA.

The purpose of becoming a trainer/SuperUser is to be able to train their staff and others on all of the TCOM tools. After you have completed your own training, you are now the local ‘expert’ in the tools.

Interested in becoming a CANS Trainer/SuperUser?
  • Attend a LIVE 2-day Trainer/SuperUser training
  • Create an original remoralization and present it (can be done at the training)
  • Create an original vignette, score, and submit it
  • Take a pass a final exam with a score of .80 reliability or higher (can be done at or at the live training)
Trainers need to recertify every year. The recertification is usually done online.

Remember, whether you are a Trainer or not, always reach out for help and any questions you may have!


Supervisor Training Group from Arlington, WA




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