We’re going virtual!

Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) is an approach grounded in the philosophy of a shared vision to help people achieve their wellness goals. The national TCOM Conference offers a platform for the TCOM collaborative to learn from each other and share their experiences. While we are sad we will be unable to gather in person this year, we believe creating a virtual space to collaborate, learn and grow is more important than ever. 

Our current global pandemic has highlighted–and in many ways, expanded–the racial and socioeconomic disparities in our communities and institutions. The world feels divided on many issues, yet the TCOM desire to create a shared vision remains the same. That shared vision cannot happen unless we are committed to providing opportunities for learning and collaborating across healthcare, child welfare, behavioral health and other complex systems. We need each other in order to serve youth and families in equitable and transformative ways. We hope you’ll join us virtually on November 11-13th, 2020. 

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Tentative Conference Schedule:

Tuesday, November 10, 2020: CANS/ANSA TOT & University Partners Meeting
11:00 am – 1:00 pmCANS/ANSA Training of Trainers (TOT) Day 1Cooper, C.; Lardner, M.
University Partners MeetingLyons, J.
1:00 – 2:00 pmBreak
2:00 – 5:00 pmTOT Day 1 (cont.)Cooper, C.; Lardner, M.
University Partners Meeting (cont)Lyons, J.
Wednesday, November 11, 2020: Pre-Conference
11:00 am – 1:00 pmTOT Day 2Cooper, C.
Master Lecture: CoachingFernando, A.; Lardner, M.
Master Lecture: CANS BoosterOrlando, R.
Master Lecture: Data Visualization GardenShimshock, S.; Cordell, K.; McDonald, M.
Master Lecture: Racial JusticeTBD
1:00 – 2:00 pmBreak
2:00 – 2:30 pmGroup Activity
2:30 – 3:00 pmBreak
3:00 – 5:00 pmTOT Day 2 (cont.)Cooper, C.
Roundtable: ANSA ImplementationWalton, B.
Roundtable: Safety CultureCull, M.
Roundtable: AlgorithmsLyons, J.; Fernando, A.
Roundtable: Different Models using the CANS with Family Support and AdvocacyHoeke, J.; Craig, N.; Boultinghouse, J.
Roundtable: Racial JusticeTBD
Roundtable: Local SustainabilityUniversity Partners
Thursday, November 12, 2020: Conference Day 1
11:00 – 11:45 amKeynote: Jei Africa, PsyD, Director of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Marin County
11:50 am – 12:35 pmKeynote: Michael Cull, PhD, Associate Director, Workplace Health & Safety, Center for Innovation in Population Health
12:35 – 1:35 pmBreak
1:35 – 2:05 pmAwardsLyons, J.
2:10 – 2:30 pmGroup Activity 
2:30 – 2:45 pmBreak 
2:45 – 3:45 pmWhat Did You Say? Beyond Acronyms to a Shared Common LanguageClark, Alkema, Moore, McCourt
Special Investigation Unit Analysis of Risk for Children: Reverse Engineering from Gut Feeling to Decision FlowchartGracey, Cordell
Family Matters: The Role of Kin and Fictive Kin in Foster Care Children’s LivesLeon, Osborne, Hodgkinson, Lutz
Can Child Welfare Move to One Single Assessment?  Capturing the concepts of Safety and Risk in the FASTMartin, Staller
Jazzing Up TCOM-Integrating the CANS into University CurriculumPearson, Gibson, Crump
CANS and ANSA Collaborative SupervisionWarner
Yes We CANS: how a county and one of its community-based organizations are creating a service designed to infuse TCOM principles into all levels of the system:Pollock, Gin, Washington
Utilizing Collaboration to Improve CANS Integration Into The Wraparound Planning ProcessEast, Walsh
3:45 – 4:00 pmBreak
4:00 – 5:00 pmUsing CANS Priorities for Treatment Data to Inform Practice and Program ImprovementNewton, Harbaugh, Rubio, Wallin
New York Learning Collaborative: Sustaining Teamwork While Flattening The CurveSchelmety, Nichols, Wexler, Howlett
Evidence Based Practices Working Together – Motivational Interviewing and High Fidelity WraparoundWeber, Dunn
Elevating Collaboration in Pediatric Primary Healthcare – Foster Care Centers of ExcellenceSchwab, Lents
Anchoring the FAST to meet the Family First FutureRichardson
Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP), and Predictive AnalyticsChor, Luo, Epstein
Meaningful Use of the CANSStokem, Samuels
The CANS in Context:  Collaborative Steps Toward Team-Based, Client & Family Inclusive, and Data-Driven Treatment PlanningFairhurst, Stevens, Gecha, Shockney
Friday, November 13, 2020: Conference Day 2
11:00 – 11:45 amKeynote: Khaled El Emam, PhD, Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute
11:50 am – 12:35 pmKeynote: Liz Kromrei, CPS Director of Services, Texas Department of Family Protective Services
12:35 – 1:35 pmBreak
1:35 – 2:35 pmThe Collaborative Development and Implementation of Data Directed Treatment Planning and Decision Making Within the Trauma Integrative-Treatment Foster Care (TI-TFC) FrameworkBrylske, Lubold, Hand
 Collaboration Assistance: TCOM Technical Assistance and Coaching for Youth Service WorkersGibson, Dean, Shaw, Sullivan
 Meaningful Partnerships with the Workforce: Creative and Collaborative CoachingEicher, Boyd
 May Day! May Day!Ellinger
 A R.A.D. Approach in an SEL & Trauma Informed Framework through teambuildingTucker, Caliman
 Latent Transition Analysis of the CANS Strengths Domain Membership Changes among Youths At Risk for a Suicide AttemptHong, Walton, Kim
 The Conversation Lab: Enhancing Collaborative EngagementLee, Miller
2:35 – 2:50 pmBreak
2:50 – 3:50 pmPreliminary Evaluation Findings from a Police Mental Health Collaborative ModelAbella, Landers
Collaboration in Kentucky: Moving from Implementation to IntegrationMinton, Lubold
Getting In HarmonyFord, Ciarimboli
Making Our Dreams Come True: How We Laverne and Shirley’ed Our Way into Safety CultureDickson, Miller
CANS Technical Assistance Collaborations to Support Performance MeasurementMienko, Kersten, Mineshita
Building a Collaborative Culture in Mental Health ServicesChin-Herrera, Benjamin-Bullock
Virtual CANS conversations in the Child and Family Team meetingPaule, Quinn Omalley, McClarin
Improving Outcomes in Child Welfare through Integrated TechnologyChaffers
3:50 – 4:05 pmBreak
4:05 – 5:05 pmMardi Gras Vermont Style – Spirited Collaboration at Its Best!Wilcox, Gibson, Bessette, Krompf
Implementing Dynamic Dashboards for CANS – Insights into our insights. What we did, what we learned and what we now knowCouchman, Cordell
Communimetrics and Machine Learning – A collaboration for treatment successTroy
Crisis Safety Planning and the IM-CATStinson, Howard, Herman, Egizio
Development of a CANS algorithm to support the identification of enhanced clinical risk in CSoCBowlin, Griffin
Impacting Client Outcomes through Enhancing Assessment Practices, Tools and CQIClaps, Miller, Zimmerman, Kolzow, Martinez